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Sponsorship Opportunities


Dear Community Champions,

We're gearing up for an incredible season at The Ghent Farmers Market, and we need YOUR support to make it truly spectacular! Your sponsorship is more than a partnership; it's an investment in community spirit and local vibrancy. Here's how your contribution will make a difference:

Large Permit Fees: Your support helps us navigate the necessary permit fees to the City of Norfolk, ensuring a smooth and lawful operation.

Extra Signage: Enhance visibility and guide our wonderful visitors through the market with additional signage, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Live Music: Support local musicians and add a beat to the heart of our market! Your sponsorship brings the joy of live music, making our market a lively and unforgettable destination.

Yearly Website and URLs: Ensure our online presence remains strong, accessible, and up-to-date for both vendors and visitors throughout the year.

Marketing Boost: Your contribution directly fuels our efforts to boost advertisements on social media and local magazines, spreading the word far and wide about the amazing offerings at The Ghent Farmers Market.

Why Sponsor?

Your support not only fosters a thriving market but also creates a positive ripple effect throughout the community. It's a chance to be part of something special, to showcase your commitment to local businesses, and to contribute to the heartbeat of Ghent.

Ready to join us on this exciting journey?

Direct Message us for more details on sponsorship packages and exclusive benefits!

Let's make Season 2024 of The Ghent Farmers Market the best one yet!

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